It was the alps

which offered shelter and food to the first adventurers and tourists coming to experience mountains or be the first ones on the highest peaks.The owner of Hindsæter alp decided to build a hotel in 1898. There were quite a few artists staying at Hindsæter during the first years and for a period Hindsæter was called “Hotel of the Artists”. You can still see the cultural landscape of the alp history with timber buildings, stone walls, wooden fences and animals.
You can still enjoy the view of Sjoa river, Stuttgonglie Nature Reserve, and the peaks of Jotunheimen – just like it was over 100 years ago.

Hindsæter takes care of this history. You find traces of it in your room, in the mountain spa and in the old timber walls of the dining rooms. Traces of the nature and culture you can find in the food and in the way we serve. In the local produce. In our wine-, beer- and aquavitselection. In the bakery and store house in front of the hotel.
Hindsæter is proud holder of «Olavrosa», a collection of places who stand for the Norwegian Heritage.