Big enough

Small enough

We are big enough to have the professional knowlegde to care for your seminar og other special occasion and small enough to make sure it is you we care for when you are our guest.

Meet the team, family, friends?

Work concentrated in the seminar room and add some inspiring nature experiences or challenge friends and family with a special tour – we have what you are looking for.

Beer tasting

Try some of our 40 norwegian craft beers with a beer sommelier. 1 hour.

Virgin forest safari

Experience the nature reserve with red listed species, we guide you through magical old pine forest. 2-3 hours

Besseggen/ Knutshø/ Glittertind/ with the team

Cooperation and shared adventures on a day trip. Possible to rent a guide.

Our secret gems closeby

Dip into the river or mountain lake, fire places, fishing spots, hidden valleys and endless highlands. You can find it yourself or rent a guide. From 1 hour.

Dog sledding

We help you book your winter experience at our neighbours dog sledding farm.

Ice – canyoning

Discover ice caves, frozen waterfalls and ice formations of all shapes and colors. Hiking and scrambling in the canyon of river Sjoa, our guides lead you safely. From 3 hours.


Fishing guide for those looking for mountain trout. From 2 hours.


Rafting fits well on arrival- or departureday, stop by in Heidal and try, we can help with your booking.

Packages for teams winter 2023 – download PDF here