Also we had to close the hotel due to the coronavirus. We hope you will visit us as soon as it is possible again!

Surrealistic - also for us.

Thursday, 12/3. morning: We talked about that we crossed fingers for having maybe two weeks of normal season left. The evening before there was a discussion in our village if the schools should close. There was so many in quarantine in the neighbourvillage. Uncertain times. The first lay-off notice to our employees.

Thursday, 12.3., evening: We did not understand - or we did not want to understand. Our guests should arrive on saturday... They were supposed to go in 14 days of quarantine? Could they not stay with us for 14 days? Safe here?

Fridag, 13.3., 7 am: FRIDAY THE 13th., haha. Well it turned out to be. The video from Schiphol airport was not to misunderstand. Everyone turned when they heard the announcement from the speakers when they heard the restrictions. The email inbox: One cancellation after the other. Norwegians were asked to stay at home for the weekend, tour operators were calling from the Netherlands, France and Germany. Force Majeure, no guests, no money.

Fridag 13.3., 3 pm.: An american group was already in Norway and was supposed to stay with us from monday, they could come? When you have to ask the villages doctor if you can have guests...  More and more countries announced restrictions, quarantine was a serious matter. The doctor was positive, but had to face reality. Sunday had to be our last day. A small german family also chose to leave earlier, then already saturday the hotel would be empty! 7.30 pm - it was still possible to get help and advice from the norwegian hotel association on telephone. Grateful!

Saturday 14/3., 11 am: All guests left. New meeting with our team. Lay-off with only two days notice due to extraordinary situation. In addition we had to ask them to head home as soon as possible. Shock. Broken dreams about travelling in Scandinavia, a long stay in winterwonderland, a sudden end to a wonderful community. Some tears. We owners are without work too.

Tuesday 17/3., 7.30 am: The last of our safe little "family", whom we still could hugh, leaves. Francisca from Portugal.

Today, wednesday 18/3.: It is not even a week ago. We are fine, we feel so privileged to live here. We wish you all the best, good health and look forward to welcome you again at our little hotel soooon!


A reminder to our team, our little family the last two days. Can still get hughs without any danger...