Biking in Sjodalen

Sjodalen is a bikers paradise! You will find both shorter trips on easy forest roads and more challenging mountain bike trails.

We are happy to help plan your trip. One of the most popular tours is to Griningsdalen valley and around Lake Nedre Sjodalsvatnet. During this tour you will discover summer farm landscape where horses, goats and sheep graze. You will cross two nature reserves with birch and pine tree forest. You will pass by small dark forest lakes and wild waterfalls of the Sjoa river on two bridges, check description for day 3 below!


A Biking Week at Hindsæter

Day 1: Riddarspranget and around Sjoa, 30 km (15 km asphalt, 14 km gravel, 1 km trail, little elevation gain). Cycle to Riddarspranget along road 51, cross Sjoa by brigde and cycle back on an old gravel/forest path on the other side. Nice spots to rest along the river. 500 m through forest terrain before getting to Gamelsætre, afterwards forest path to bridge over waterfall, you see Stuttgongfossen Power Plant before returning to Hindsæter. It's possible to extend the route with 16 km gravel road from Riddarspranget to Brurusten.



Day 2: Around Lake Tesse, 67 km (45 km asphalt, 22 km gravel, 400 m elevation gain). Cycle to Randsverk and from there take the gravel road direction Glitterheim. Turn off towards Lake Tesse, cycle along the lake with nice views. Pass by Brimi Fjellstue and through the forest to road 51. On the road back to Hindsæter you get to view Glittertind (2465 masl) and Lemonsjøen.



Day 3: Griningsdalen round trip, 35 km (14 km asphalt, 18 km gravel, 3 km forest path, little elevation gain). Cycle to Russtangen, from there gravel road, later forest trail to the wide and open valley Griningsdalen, a nice summer farm valley. Cycle first 5 km to the end of the valley and enjoy the views, the silence, goats, sheep and horses before you return and cycle along Griningsdalskampen and around Lake Nedre Sjodalsvatnet back to road 51 and to Hindsæter.



Day 4: Jotunheimen National Park - Glitterheim, 75 km (30 km asfalt, the remaining is gravel road, 400 m elevation gain). Cycle to Randsverk on road 51 (15 km), from there turn right towards Glitterheim. Spectacular mountain landscape in the National Park with good possibilities to meet reindeer and nice views to Jotunheimen's high peaks. Stop at Glitterheim and take the same route back. For those in particularly good shape: Hike Glittertind, 2465 masl!



Day 5: Russdalen to Lake Russvatnet, 30 km (12 km asphalt, 18 km gravel/hiking trail, 300 m elevation gain). Cycle to Russtangen, from there towards valley Russdalen. Nice tour along river Russa with a lot of small places to relax by the river. At Lake Russvatn you have nice views, a suspension bridge and small fishing houses. Take a short walk along the lake's beach! Return the same way.



Day 6: Heidal and Murudalen (between 70 and 120 km, both asphalt and gravel roads, ca 400 m elevation gain). Combine different farm roads passing some of the oldest farms in Norway with sightseeing of Heidal Ysteri, the handcrafts at Håndverkstunet and Nisseloftet.  




  • The big Murudal loop, 130 km - over Valdresflya and along Jotunheimvegen, through Murudalen to Randsverk and Hindsæter.
  • Use your car to discover even more cycle routes from different starting points.
  • Play and train with your mountain bike on the hillside behind the hotel!


All trips recommended are possible with normal mountain bikes and meant for you with normal condition. You have to be prepared to push your bike over shorter distances and to carry it, for example over a small creek. We have maps and are happy to give you more detailed descriptions and ideas!