Road Trips From Hindsæter

There are a lot of possibilities to combine a longer stay at Hindsæter with sightseeing to both the fjords and the National Parks of Norway. You don't have to look for a room in the evening, you can look forward to a good meal and even to good weather "at home", because Hindsæter is situated just east from the mountains!


Our suggested road trips for a week of sightseeing:

Day 1: Summer farm tour, ca 180 km. Hindsæter - Valdresflya (1389 masl) - Jotunheimvegen (from Bygdin to Skåbu along fascinating nature and cultural landscape) - Vinstra - Sjoa - Heidal (cheese and handcrafts, old farm houses).



Day 2: National Park tour, ca 60 km. Hindsæter - Randsverk - Glitterheim Parking. Possibility to hike in the home of the reindeer or cycle to Glitterheim (5km from parking, mountain bikes for rent).




Day 3: The big mountain and fjord tour, ca 400 km. Hindsæter - Lom (stave church) - Sognefjellet (1440 masl) - along Sognefjord to Sogndal - crossing of the fjord by ferry - along the salmon river Lærdalselva to Filefjell mountain - over Slettefjell back to Valdresflya (1389 masl) and Hindsæter.




Day 4: Boat cruise on Lake Gjende, ca 30 km. Take the car to Gjendeosen (15 km from Hindsæter) and from there the boat to Memurubu or Gjendebu and back. Enjoy the spectacular view, go for a small walk in the area of the famous hiking trip Besseggen




Day 5: The big UNESCO - fjord loop, ca 400 km. Hindsæter - Lom (stave church) - via Skjåk and Grotli to Dalsnibba (famous view point of the Geirangerfjord) - UNESCO world heritage Geirangerfjord - cross the fjord by ferry to Hellesylt (we can help you with reservations and timetable) - Stryn by Nordfjord - back over Strynefjellet - Lom - Hindsæter.


Day 6: Explore nature - enjoy one of the best things Norway has to offer: We send you to a quiet summer farm road were you park and enjoy the silence. Go for a little hike and discover birch- and pine tree forest, waterfalls, small mountain lakes and animal life.


  • One day without car - choose from one of the shorter or longer hiking trails around Hindsæter
  • Glacier trips from Krossbu (2h by car from Hindsæter)
  • Tour to Galdhøpiggen (2,5h by car from Hindsæter)
  • Drive to Blåhø (1618 masl), one of Norway's highest mountain roads. Fantastic view to the three big National Parks Jotunheimen, Rondane and Dovrefjell