Summer and Fall

The nature and cultural landscape around Hindsæter has many hiking trails you can use to discover the area. You will find marked paths for short and long trips to mountain peaks and through nature reserves in all directions. From the doorstep of the hotel you can do at least five different hikes. One favorite is the Stuttgong Waterfall, only 10 min walk from the hotel. Hiking season starts in the beginning of June.

Other places worth visiting in the area are Riddarspranget, a narrow part in the Sjoa canyon, the nature path Hulderstigen (both 10 min by car from Hindsæter), hiking trips to several 2000m peaks and the famous Besseggen.

An Active Week at Hindsæter

Day 1 Hindflya: 1-4 hours. The marked trail follows Storhinde River. You see the deep canyon the river has dug out during thousands of years. Nice views, return the same way.

Day 2 Glittertind: 6-8 hours. Glittertind is Norway's second highest mountain, it has spectacular views and is suited for most people.

Day 3 Mountain bike to Russvatnet: 3-4 hours. You bike on a wide trail up Russdalen valley along Russa river with many nice places to stop for a break. Lake Russvatnet is a great spot for lunch and you can do a short hike along the shore before returning the way you came.

Day 4 Besseggen: 7-9 hours. One of the most famous hikes in Norway starts 15 mins from Hindsæter.

Day 5 Veostien: 3-4,5 hours. Nice hike through mountain and forest terrain. You pass Veogjelet Nature Reserve with very old pine trees.

Day 6 Stuttgongkampen: 3-5 hours. Hike with great variation. You pass old summer farms, naturer reserves, and have great views to the mountains in Jotunheimen National Park.

Dag 7 Biketrip around Tesse: 4-5 hours. Tesse is a lake in Lom county. On this trip you bike along a nice gravel road while enjoying the nice view of the mountains. You pass many traditional summer farms.


Other Interesting Trips

Knutshøe: 4-6 hours. Is often called "Besseggen's little brother", but is a tough hike with fantastic views and fewer people than Besseggen.

Stuttgongfossen: 0,5-1,5 hour. One of Sjoa River's most beautiful waterfalls, only 300 meters from Hindsæter.

Hulderstigen: 1,5-2,5 hours. Nice nature and culture trail through Stuttgonglia Nature Reserve.

Galdhøpiggen: 6-9 hours. Norway's highest mountain can be reached from Juvasshytta or Spiterstulen, only 1,5 hour drive from Hindsæter.

Griningsdalen loop by bike: 3-4 hours. Nice bike trip on gravel and forest trail to Griningsdalen valley, a beautiful valley with many summer farms. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet, before you return along Griningsdalskampen and arond  Nedre Sjodalsvatnet lake.