Hike to Glittertind 2460 masl

Glittertind is Norway's second highest mountain, just a few meters short of Galdhøpiggen which sits at 2469 masl. Hindsæter is a good base for climbing this peak. To get there, you drive 15 km to Randsverk, then you turn on to a 30 km long gravel road towards Glitterheim cabin. Moose and reindeer can ofen be seen along the road. You park 7 km before you get to the cabin, on the border of Jotunheimen National Park. Here you can rent a bike which makes the last kilometers to the cabin fly by, especially due to the amazing nature that surrounds you.


Glitterheim is beautifully located in Veodalen surrounded by Jotunheimen's giant mountains. From here you follow a well marked trail northwest towards the top. The last part of the hike is on Glitterbreen glacier. From Glittertind you have a spectacular view of other tall mountains in Jotunheimen, among them Galdhøpiggen if you look west.

When you are ready to return you go the same way as you came. Back at Hindsæter you can relax in our wellness area, before you enjoy a well deserved 3-course dinner.

The trip is estimated to take 6-8 hours given that you bike to Glitterheim.