Our Ingredients and Producers

Both seasons and availablility from local producers are important for the daily menu. We have specialized on reindeer from the area, an exclusive and very ecological type of meat directly from the mountains around us - read more about it on an own page here.

Besides reindeer, we do use the following products in our menus:

Besides this we try to pick some local berries from the nature around us, rubarb from the kitchen garden and fresh birch leaves for the menu. Contact us for more detailed information about the menu we serve on a specific day!

Information for you with allergies/ special wishes

1) Allergy: Please inform us at least three days prior to arrival. We try to cater to all needs, but ask to get the information early so we can plan ahead. Please include information about how serious your allergy is. Unfortunately we experience too often that we prepare special food and then the guest likes to taste the other food anyway - «I can have a little of it». Then we have to throw food away.


2) Special wishes: We understand everyone who stop eating meat from industrial production or other products with non sustainable production methods. But: we would be grateful if you could expand your horizon for our philosophy when you are our guest. You could eat our reindeer meat with a clear conscience. The fish we use is either fished in local lakes or produced by smaller, clean aqua cultures. We do often buy whole animals and use all of the parts. You would not find any of these products in a normal supermarket. Try – when you visit us! If you would rather not, see point 1). We do cater to all needs with one exception: we do not make 100% vegan food.