Hiking around Hindsæter


Our rambling packages

Package price for one week stay in double room incl. half pension and lunch package from NOK 6950,- per person. You walk on your own, see our recommendations for a rambling week below! The map you find in the pdf document above.

Recommended walking trips

Day 1:  Tour to Stuttgongkampen (1418 masl), ca 4 h. Through varied summerfarm landscape, over Stuttgong waterfall, birch- and pinetree forest to nature reserve. From the top fantastic view over the whole valley and to Jotunheimen National Park. Back along Tjønnosen mountain lake.


Day 2: To Hindflyin (1500 masl), ca 5 h. Along spectacular and narrow canyon of river Hinde. A lot of the special flower Vianvang. To the foor of the 2000 meter high peaks and back along the wide canyon of river Veo. On this tour you experience the wild mountain-, canyon and highland landscape of Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark.


Day 3: To Russli Rundhø (1831 masl), ca 7 h. Along river Veslhinde (small Hinde) crossing lonesome and exotic moss- and stone landscape. Meet ca 300 mountain sheep grassing! Lots of mountain flowers. Over stonefield to the peak, return the same way.


Day 4: Take the car to lake Gjende and from here the boat to Memurubu. The popular Besseggentour takes between 6 and 10 hours, depending on your condition, the weather and other traffic!


Day 5: A slow day in mountain- and forestlandscape, ca 3 h without break:  Walk up Hindsæterkampen behind the hotel (1059 masl) - nice view to Rondane and the peaks over Hindflyin. Path crosses Veomyrin to Veobridge -possibilty for fishing. Along river Veo through nice pine tree forest. Lots of old rein deer graves. Back to Hindsæter in the forest on the old road, now forest path. Nice spots to stop along river Sjoa!


Day 6: Take the car direction Glitterheim (ca 30km). Parking at the border to the nationalpark (5 km before Glitterheim). Walk a nice tour from here in the land of the reindeers or take one of the bicycles from Glitterheim to cycle to Glitterheim. Possibility to climb Glittertind (2452 masl)




  • Nature- and culture walk Hulderstigen (ca 2 h, 5 km from Hindsæter)
  • to Sjugursjøen mountain lake on the other side of the valley (1105 masl, ca 5 h)
  • hiking in Griningsdalen - nice cultural summer farm valley (8 km from Hindsæter)
  • Knutshø (1517 masl, by lake Gjende)
  • Russdalen valley from Russtangen (7 km from Hindsæter) along the nice river Russa to Russvatnet (large mountain lake)
  • Tour to Ridderspranget






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