Besseggen - a tour of the "Top Ten of Norway"

We recommend to hike Besseggen in the start of the season. From the middle of June to middle of July you can enjoy nature, flowers and the view in silence. Another very nice time is autumn, the colours can already start in end of august!

"Have you ever chanced to see the Gendin-Edge? Nigh on four miles long it stretches sharp before you like a scythe. Down o'er glaciers, landslips, scaurs, down the toppling grey moraines, you can see, both right and left, straight into the tarns that slumber, black and sluggish, more than seven hundred fathoms deep below you."

This is how Henrik Ibsen described Peer Gynt's reindeer back ride over the Gjendineggen Ridge, which is known as Besseggen today. Take 15 min by car from Hindsæter to Lake Gjende, where you take the boat over Gjende to Memurubu. From there you will walk steep up and then high over the Lake Gjende to the place called Bandet - a small plateau between Gjende and Bessvatnet. You will walk along the water's edge of Lake Bessvatnet, whilst Gjende, which is 984 masl, is 400 metres below on the opposite side. Lake Bessvatnet is crystal clear and blue in colour, whilst Lake Gjende shines in the characteristic emerald-green glacial colour. Now the Besseggen ridge is right in front of you. To pass this part you might have to use hands as much as your feet and you should not suffer from vertigo. After that you will pass Veslfjell (1743 masl) on your way back to the startpoint at Lake Gjende, where you took the boat in the morning. The walk takes between 7 and 8 hours. Hikers in average shape describe the tour as exhausting. 

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