History of Hindsæter

With Romanticism peaking around 1850, and the rising interest to experience nature, climb and discover the highest peaks, more and more people asked farmers for shelter on their way to a mountain adventure. In eastern Jotunheimen, farmers from the valleys had since the 1600s kept one or more alps in the mountains.

The owner of Hindsæter, Otto Østrem, decided to build a timber hotel to give all the people shelter, and so he began a new kind of business. When the hotel was ready he bought a book - the first guest book of "Hindsæter Turisthotell" - which we still own today. The first guest came the 4th of July, 1898 from Helsingör, Denmark and her name was Mari Jensen. There were quite a few artists staying at Hindsæter during the first years, the poet Theodor Caspari, the painters Lars Jorde and William Henry Singer, and the arcitect Carl Berner. They were all inspired by nature. Later, Hindsæter was therefore called "Hotel of the Artists". In 1969 the hotel was extended and at some point the pretty balcony was removed.

However, you can still see the cultural landscape of the alp history with nice timber buildings, stone walls, wooden fences and animals. There are about five alps around Hindsæter, where the sheep and cows are grazing every summer. Still today you will find excellent amenities and shelter at Hindsæter with its historical environment, and you will enjoy the view of Sjoa river, Stuttgonglie Nature Reserve, and the peaks of Jotunheimen - just like it was over 100 years ago.